A Rainy Sunday

Aug 13, 2017 15:30 · 647 words · 4 minutes read Experience

Today is Sunday. It is raining.



Yesterday I jumped out of a plane, 3500 meters high, at 240 km/h. The wind just blows everything off you! There is nothing like it!

As you are so far above the clouds… you think differently. Because of the “lighter” air, your brain gets less oxygen and you start feeling dizzy, almost drunk.

And what are you doing with your life? I played some piano, had a good, healthy breakfast, learned some Chinese through a favourite song of mine, learned what a tremolo on the piano is and how to play it, got some afternoon sleep in the calming, soothing wind and rain outside, and am about to embark on an adventure to go and see my grandma, because she is waiting for me and she is alone these days. Cannot leave her like that. I am also slowly making myself study and solve problems for the State exam that I have in applied mathematics. It’s coming up. I should get moving. Also Tai Lopez’s course on making money is on my mind. The guy is amazing and I should activate my money-making skills if I want to have the time to develop my other skills.

And since you might think that starting a blog is a narcissistic thing, and … oh why am I so important and capable… well… I am NOT important, NOR that capable. I believe that everyone has a purpose. I have not done THAT much. It’s a normal day for me. Each one is measured by what they have CHANGED about themseleves, measured from where they started. You cannot measure, in terms of financial success, a boy that started on the streets of former Zanzibar, and an Ivy-league educated guy that grew up in Beverly Hills. However you can surmeasure them in how they grew up. In what they each did to “change” themselves. In mathematics this is called a derivative. When you have a function and it takes a value at a certain point:

YOU, at the point in life that you were BORN had a VALUE of: relationships around you, your parents, your other relatives, your neighbours, the children you played with.

All of that CHANGES you. But you also influence it. So your DERIVATIVE is the rate of change, by which you change that environment. So your next VALUE could be at the time that you are 30 and have your own family. Then your sucess can be measured by the quality of the people around you now. You started small in a bad neighborhood with little money, you are now middle-class, living in a good neghborhood and you have chosen balanced and growing people to be around you. This is your function having changed, and when you subtract the value when you are at 30 with the one when you were born, you will get the net SUM of what you have contributed to your life.

If you are well-born and end up dying of a drug overdose, well… that’ s a negative net sum.

If on the other hand you are born in the slums, or in a bad, poor place, and you climb up and surround yourself with brilliant people in adventures and then become wealthy and express your inner self in what you do. That’s a good increase. Your NET SUM is positive that way.

Your DERIVATIVE however is your rate of CHANGE. You might be a very amazing person inside, but quite common outside. The rate at which you change to being better, i.e. the amount of new things you can bring into your life every day is your derivative. Keep it high!

Don’t go too high though, because it might get you killed, or unbalanced, or in some other type of trouble. Balance is important and the lessons of the past are also important.

Nikola OUT.